Precious trace of Bali history

NYAMBU VILLAGE - Precious trace of Bali history


Nyambu village, located at the southern tip of Tabanan Regency, is one of the few urban villages in Bali, with agricultural land comprising 61% of the total area.

Though small, Desa Nyambu has a long history. As many as 67 temples and other buildings trace the development of Bali’s culture from ancient times to the present, which is inseparable from cultural contacts with major kingdoms on the island of Java and other parts of the world.Desa Nyambu serves as a small “window” to the development of Balinese history and culture.

Just 30 km from Ngurah Rai Airport and 20 km from Denpasar, Desa Nyambu is a great destination for those who want to feel and understand Bali’s cultural heritage as it has evolved over thousands of years, but who have limited time.Enjoy ecotourism by taking the time to learn about the history of Bali’s culture, through stories told in person by the community of Desa Nyambu.


Ricefield Trail
Nyambu’s ricefield trail takes you along some of the rice fields still remaining near urban areas in Bali. You are invited to hike along the rice field dikes and past the river while listening to how Bali’s traditional culture developed this beautiful landscape over more than a thousand years. This short journey will not only refresh your mind and body but also help you learn about the significance of rice fields and the balance of nature in the life of Bali’s people. At the end of the tour, we invite you to make jaja Bali, snacks made from rice flour, part of the banten that are offered to nature and the Creator.

Culture Trail
This trek through the oldest hamlets or banjar in Desa Nyambu reveals the history of Bali, page by page. Through the houses, temples and forests of Nyambu, you will observe the long process of cultural interaction that has created the unique Bali of today. We also invite you to create banten, ritual offerings as a medium for expressing thanks and respect to all creatures, to maintain the balance of life. The Culture Trail invites you to get back to the roots while being part of a personal, open and rapid process of contemporary interaction.

Village Bicycle Trails
Expand the reach of your explorations by cycling and enjoying a typically Balinese rural atmosphere. Both the long trail and the short trail take you through rice fields and residential areasand past temples as you enjoy the beauty of Desa Nyambu. Choose the trail that matches your fitness level to have a pleasant trip. Stop and take part in the activities of the people you meet, and make your trip even more meaningful and memorable.

Other tourism activities
Hone your sense of creativity as the people of Nyambu do in their free time by:
  • Painting– reflect on the beauty of Desa Nyambu on canvas while refining the subtlety of your spirit.
  • Watching dance and drama– entertainment that is meant not only for the performers and the community but also for the Universe.
Nyambu Culinary Delights
Complete your experience by sampling the various specialties created by the ladies of Desa Nyambu. Enrich your culinary knowledge through sate lilit, sayur kelor, sayur gonde, ayam gerang asem, sambal matah, sambal embe and belindung (eel).

Take the opportunity to join the family life of the community of Desa Nyambu through homestay package. Homes in Desa Nyambu are ready to open their doors, inviting you to spend the night while enjoying the beauty and peace of the village.

Accommodation in Nyambu Village

Place for stay overnight are set on several families to give you a chance to interact deeply with Villager.


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