Ecotourism Organisations and Resources

  • INDECON, Indonesian Ecotourism Network
    Aims for conservation and community community empowerment through ecotourism and helps link ecotourists with a wide range of opportunities throughout Indonesia.
  • Wildasia
    A n internet-based resource about nature and the natural areas of Asia . Has a good resource centre for both ecotourism operators and for travellers, including an ecotourism directory. Wildasia has supported JED with seed funding.
  • The Natural Guide to Bali
    A guidebook of Bali destinations, accomodations and activities based on the Natural Guide principles of: traveller-friendly, nature-friendly, community-friendly. Also has good background on social and eco-issues in Bali.
  • Azimuth Adventure Travel
    One of JED's travel agent partners in Indonesia. Azimuth trips all over Indonesia strive to be environmentally and culturally sensitive.
  • Ecolodges Indonesia
    A network of four environmentally friendly tourist accommodations in Kalimantan, Flores, Jakarta and Bali . The Bali lodge is the only Green Globe Certified accommodation in Bali.
  • Bali Travel Portal
    Has a page describing some of the other ecotourism experiences available in Bali.
  • Responsible Travel
    A UK based travel company organising environmentally and socially responsible trips all over the world. Responsible Travel and Conservation International have teamed up to support a selected few community-based ecotourism projects around the world with marketing assistance. JED is one of the projects included in the program, and has a feature page on the Responsible Travel site.
  • NGOs in Bali doing good things

  • Wisnu Foundation
    Wisnu is one of Bali 's oldest environment NGO's and one of the five stakeholders in the JED program. Wisnu's mission is to increase community knowledge and understanding about their economic,politic,social and cultural resources and to support the efforts in equitable and sustainable resources management based on local knowledge and culture.
  • Other organisations

  • The Rufford Maurice Lang Foundation
    A UK based foundation offering Small Grants to conservation projects in the developing world. JED gratefully received a grant from Rufford in August 2006 to support the development of our program.
  • Further reading on ecotourism
    The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) sustainable tourism site
    The World Tourism Organisation Declaration on Sustainable Tourism